At Broadleaf Partnership Trust, we expect parents to support our aim to be a learning, caring and successful environment.  One which serves the community and prepares our students for the opportunities of adult life in the 21st century.  


To achieve this:

  • We will all do our best, continuously trying to improve and working hard to develop our skills and talents

  • We will be a learning environment in which everyone is an achiever and everyone is made to feel valued

  • We will care for everyone equally and provide a secure, happy and yet demanding and stimulating environment, both inside and outside the classroom

  • We will all work together in a spirit of mutual respect and co-operation, both serving the local community and utilising it to enrich our learning

  • We will prepare students to become responsible citizens, able to take advantage of the opportunities of adult life, and respectful of the values and cultures of others

We encourage parents to work in partnership with us to ensure that our students work hard both at school and at home.  We believe this is crucial in securing high quality outcomes for all of our students, which will enable them to be successful in the competitive global economy.